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“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.”

Aristóteles (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher..


We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in different areas of law, constantly pursuing updated knowledge on the changing legal world.

The goal of our firm is to offer our clients comprehensive advice to all their requirements. For this, we have assembled an excellent team, which combined with comfortable work areas, creates a pleasant environment to find the best solutions to the day to day demands.

It is essential for our firm to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with all participants, between our team and in the relationship with the customer, in order to obtain optimum results.

For each and every one of the members of Bermúdez Mora, it is essential to reassure our customers and we know that this can only be achieved fully complying with all legal requirements. The most important thing is the trust placed in us, and we understand this as our primary responsibility.

We emphasize values such as commitment, ethics and honesty, constant training, seeking new challenges and oriented towards the continuous update of knowledge.


Our clients are sole proprietors, individual companies and corporations,small and medium enterprises, and generally people who demand high standards of service. mmora@bermudezmora.cl



Understanding Civil Law, as the set of rules and principles governing private relations of everyday people, is one of the subjects that mostly affects them, even before birth.

Our attorneys are involved in:

– Negotiation and Drafting of Contracts.
– Estates and Partitions
– Claims and Defenses, Liability contract and tort.
– Leases
– Real Estate
– Securities.


We have the collaboration of specialized attorneys in family matters, providing both legal and professional advice inside and outside the courts, looking to deliver the best solution in this sensitive area.

We see subjects such as: – food law

– Alimony
– Unilateral and mutual agreement Divorce
– Affiliation matters
– Tuition
– Custody and visitation Regimes
– Mediation
– Domestic Violence


Real Estate is one of the relevant areas within the firm´s practice, we represent individuals, investors, construction companies, in planning, financing and execution of their projects.

In this context we participate in the drafting of documents and real estate contracts, such as purchases, leases, leases, mortgages, real estate ownership regulations. We actively participate in condemnation proceedings, rules and regulation changes that affect land use and property destination.

We carefully study the titles of the property (property history), reviewing public records and other records to determine in advance the limitations, prohibitions on the use of land and the existence of easements, mortgages and court orders that could prevent sale, assignment or transfer of real estate.


A crucial area for our firm is composed by labor assessment, as it is fundamental for the development of a company to maintain good relations with the workers which are those who make the company grow.

We pursue actions oriented to prevent and avoid conflicts that could affect this relationship.

The main areas are:

– Prevention and conflict resolution.
– Hiring, termination and settlement.
– Litigation.
– Negotiation and Drafting of Contracts
– Labor Claims and Defenses
– Collective Bargaining
– Subcontracting.


Regulates the organization, operation and duties of public administration in its relations with other individuals and government (embodied in a variety of organs).

Our attorneys have been advisors to different government entities such as State’s prosecution office and the Chilean Air Force.

The main areas of advice are:

– Contracts with Government Agencies

– Contract with municipalities (boroughs)

– Process of Public Procurement, public tenders, private and direct contract with state agencies, Chilecompra website,www.mercadopublico.cl

– Handling of Administrative Licenses and Permits.

– Presentations before the government´s control entity ( contraloria general de la republica)


Prevention of possible conflicts to our customers, is a fundamental principle in our firm, however it is inevitable that some conflict or misunderstanding may occur, for one reason or another .

Our team includes lawyers with extensive experience litigating before the courts.

Some litigation services are:

– Civil and commercial Litigation.

– Claims Executive defenses.

– Collections

– Claims and Defenses in Consumer Law

– Arbitration and mediation for conflict resolution.

– ADR alternative dispute resolution


We have experience advising companies in liquidation or bankruptcy cases, we normally advise our clients in the event that one of their suppliers or debtors are insolvent, we have a complete advisory, planning, restructuring and strategic service to help a company address conflicts of this nature.

The main areas of service are:

– Request for bankruptcy.

– Meetings of creditors.

– Judicial and Extrajudicial Agreements.

– Preferential payments.

– Credit Verification


Our firm provides ongoing advice to sole traders, partnerships, entrepreneurs, individual companies and corporations and generally all forms of business organization that our legislation allows.

The most common requests are:

– Incorporation and Company start-up

– Acquisition and Corporate Change.

– Directorate structure

– Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

– Meetings and Shareholder Agreements

– Board meetings.

– Powers. (POA)


Bermúdez Mora counts with outstanding attorneys in criminal matters, we use all the tools offered by the law, always with the objective of achieving the best results.

The main areas of advice are:

– Economic and Tax Crimes Defenses

– Private defenses against Oral and Guarantee Courts.



This service comprises the complete and ongoing assistance to companies in the management of all procurement processes, from its very beginning, at the negotiation stage, later on the implementation, execution and performance of the various contracts, along with advice on performance bonds, settlement and final closure of the agreements.

The purpose is to give the client permanent advise in the relationships with customers or suppliers, helping to free man hours on other productive processes of the company.

This service includes negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract and ensure compliance with the agreed terms, the receipt of legal documents, and any amendments that may be required for the efficient implementation and enforcement of the agreement. The service could be summarized as a process of systematization, for the efficient administration of contracts, from its creation, execution, performance until its conclusion, in order to maximize financial and operational performance, minimizing risks. We work together with the different relevant areas of the company who provide general guidelines and commercial statements, leaving the rest of the work in our hands. This service has been very successful in small and medium enterprises, as well as foreign companies operating in country through branches, that do not have an internal contract management department, due to their high cost, and the added value to have a specialized consultancy.


We take care of the translation and revision of documents within the legal scope, into the English language, or English to Spanish. It is important that such documents are translated by someone with knowledge and experience in the law, including technical terms, which if not given the right emphasis, can lead to a mistake or misunderstanding of the contractual clause or other subject to translation.

The types of documents which are translated are: contracts, agreements, judgments, procedural acts, legal opinions and rulings in general.


Ricardo Bermudez Schmied

Law Degree Universidad Gabriela Mistral 2006.

Macarena Mora Silva

Law Degree University of Chile 2007

Romina Martinez Tapia

Law school at Andres Bello University 2015


Bermúdez Mora

(+56 2) 2697 99 40


Ahumada 312, Office 824.
Santiago, Santiago.

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